Trainer Spotlight – Kristin Calpino

Trainer Spotlight: “K Train”

Kristin Calpino

Kristin Calpino

Kristin Calpino, known by friends and colleagues as K-Train has lived in Nashville since 2003. After a few years in radio and TV, Kristin settled into the fitness business. Spurred on by her own 85 pound weight loss, she pursued her certification in Personal Training and Group Fitness. Many types of clients have come to Kristin for training and she has worked with cancer survivors, athletes, rehab patients and the general public. She loves what she does and enjoys working with a variety of people.

Her favorites:

My husband
Tony (although he is my only one, I think he is the best)

Bernie (my St. Bernard/Lab mix) is my baby. I have two other dogs and a cat, but they all understand that momma has a favorite.

No book in particular strikes my fancy, but I love to read suspense, romance, thrillers, crime, etc.

TV Shows
Castle, The Millers, The Goldbergs, Psych, The Following, Big Bang Theory, Dateline and 48 Hours Mystery

Reading tops my list, but I love to watch TV (probably too much). I love the outdoors, hiking and running the trails around town. Sitting on my deck reading and watching the dogs play is probably my favorite activity.

You can choose to be motivated or miserable, whichever you choose, the choice is yours.

Favorite Animal
The Hippopotamus–I love their lumbering ways and their funny mouths!

Favorite Vacation
Any one that I can take with Tony and the dogs.

Secret Profession Desire
Veterinarian–I just love animals!

My First Crush
Shawn Cassidy–I didn’t tell him personally, but I did yell it out when he came to the Berkshire Mall in Reading, PA.

To be positive in speech and deed. To always see the good in every situation and person. To speak ill of no one and nothing. To reflect the character of God in all I do.

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