Trainer Spotlight – Lauren Ledford

Lauren Ledford

Lauren Ledford

Describe Yourself:
Somewhere between a Southern Belle and a Chic Hippie. I love living in Nashville. I make really good JUICE, and good FOOD too. 85% Paleo and 100% a Fitness and Health Junkie! A firm believer in the ability to change lives through FOOD BODY and MIND. My words of wisdom: the energy you put in your body is the energy you give to the world!

What kind of music do you like?
I really listen to everything! I grew up on 90s country and thus had an affinity for Nashville, which is what lead me here! However, I can totally jam out to some rap, classic rock, and pop (unashamedly).

What is your most favorite place in the Earth?
Spain. Marbella, Spain to be exact. In college I got to study overseas for a few months, and while in Spain I found an AMAZING beach spot! Marbella is so gorgeous and people rock. I am a total beach girl so that place is like paradise for me!

What do you do when you are very sad or depressed?
Honestly, I eat really well, sleep, and exercise. If I am having a really bad day there is nothing like getting some movement in. Even when I am completely unmotivated, I know that waking my body up and sweating will turn my day around. So, I try to take care of myself so I don’t get deeper into the sadness or depression.

What makes you angry? Are you short-tempered? How often do you get angry?
Well, I am a red head. So, genetically I have a little bit of a temper:) No, but really, I don’t get angry too often, but when I do you better watch out! It becomes somewhat explosive! Don’t worry though, most people will never see that because not very much makes me angry.

What is your favorite time of day?
I LOVE coffee! My favorite time of day is waking up and having my morning brew….or pot…. Morning, but not too early, is definitely my favorite time. It is the time I allow myself to enjoy ME. It is my time. I have coffee. I read the news. I blog. Everything during that small amount of time is for ME, and I love every second of it.

Are you a morning person or a night person?
Well, even though morning is my favorite time of day, I am definitely somewhat of a night owl too. I never fall asleep before midnight, and sometimes have my most creative time periods when wide eyed at 2 am! However, when it comes to working out I have to get it done in the morning, right after my coffee time!

If we were a couple and had a fight, how would you try to patch things up?
Speaking from experience, I always cook. Food is the way to the man’s heart right? At my house, nothing comes more appreciated. I love to cook anyway, so after a good fight it is safe to say that making a home cooked meal is my way of showing love.

Which is the best vacation you have ever had?
When I was studying in Spain, my roommate surprised me with a trip for my birthday. I was turning 21, and it was honestly the best birthday I’ve ever had! Being a complete foodie, I got the opportunity to go to a cooking school in Cordoba Spain! It was UNREAL! She and I spent the weekend at a villa in the hills of Cordoba that overlooked miles and miles of olive trees. It was breathtaking. We cooked dinner both nights under a French chef. I have never loved a place so much, and it was by far one of the neatest experiences EVER!

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