Results Fitness teams with Survivor Fitness

Results Fitness recently teamed up with Survivor Fitness Foundation, 501(c)3 public charity that helps cancer survivors regain their strength and wellness through physical and nutritional support.

As a cancer survivor himself Survivor Fitness Founder, Aaron Grunke, knows firsthand the importance of regaining physical and mental health to truly overcome cancer. At the age of 21 he knew his life would never be the same when he was diagnosed with extremely aggressive form of testicular cancer. He fought for his life. Treatment made him weak, frail and beat down. After two and half years, he was pronounced in remission, but he was overweight and out of shape. He knew that if he were to really win the war over cancer, he would have to improve his physical health to reclaim his mental health.

For the cancer survivor, moving into the next chapter of his or her life can be daunting and even lonely. The medical teams provide support during treatment, but where is the support in the post-treatment phase? What foods are the best, what workouts are appropriate?

Realizing the vital part physical health has in recovery, Aaron sought out to create a program that was simple yet affective in the recovery process and founded Survivor Fitness in May of 2013. Even if you were a “gym person” before cancer, stepping back into that environment can be intimidating and lonely. Survivor Fitness breaks down those barriers and helps cancer survivors create the end to the story they really want – true survivorship.

Once being accepted into Survivor Fitness’ “101 Days Back to Life” program, each participant is paired with a personal trainer and nutritionist. Designed by Survivor Fitness, this is a unique physical health program to help survivors become stronger and healthier. Over the course of 14 weeks, participants complete 28 personal training sessions and establish a better nutrition regime with the guidance of a licensed nutritionist.

In less than two years, Survivor Fitness has provided hope to more than 20 cancer survivors in the Middle Tennessee area by helping them regain their health and wellness. By partnering with gyms like Results, they’re able to meet the needs of the survivor and help them in the next phase of their cancer recovery.

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