Testimonial – Grant – entry No. 2

Hey everyone! Here’s my week 2 fitness plan update.

As I mentioned last week, my first week of workouts with Byron were mainly focused on form. This was a good foundation to lay as we turned it up a couple notches this week in terms of reps and intensity. I really appreciate how Byron is not just throwing exercises at me, but really paying attention to where I’m already strong and where I need a lot of focus, making sure that our workouts don’t spend too much time in areas where I don’t need as much focus.

He had me go up a couple levels on the cardio warm-ups we do, and I was surprised at how I responded. The exercises were more strenuous, but my body seemed to rise to the challenge and ever working out at a higher level, I wasn’t as taxed. That’s a good thing. I’ve also already been able to see progress in our work on rows, lunges and planks. The more we exercise and challenge those areas, the more my body responds and has capacity for. Amazing how that works, huh?

The weather forced us to reschedule 1 session, but I asked Byron to send me a workout I could do at home, and he did. I did what he sent, but to be honest, I didn’t workout with anywhere near the same intensity as I do in a gym and with the encouragement and coaching of a trainer. So, I’ll count the home workout as a half workout. :) However, we did make up the rescheduled session, giving us 2 personal training sessions for the week, and I was able to get in 2 cardio sessions at the Y, giving me 4.5 workouts for the week! So that was awesome!

My healthy recipe for this week is a Chicken Fajita Pita Pizza. That’s fun to say! I’ve been experimenting a lot lately with making homemade “pizzas” using a whole wheat pita as the crust, and they’re turning out great! Spray the pita with a little EVOO cooking spray and broil it just until it gets a little golden brown and crispy on each side. Add sliced grilled chicken, sliced red onion and sliced red and orange bell peppers, a dash of salt and pepper, a light sprinkle of shredded cheese (no where near what a regular pizza would have) and a dash or basil. Then put it back in the broiler until the cheese is melted and the pita edges are a nice golden brown. Lastly, top it with some fresh, homemade guacamole and BAM! Fajita? As a pizza?? On a pita??? It is Mexican? Italian? Greek? Yes, yes and yes and sure. Whatever you call it, it’s a big bunch of awesome and it’s delicious, easy and healthy! It’s a great way to have a “pizza” without the guilt of the crust and all the unhealthy toppings, as well as fajitas without all the calories or tortillas for fajitas. Let me know if you try it!

Lastly, this week’s Workout Playlist Song is “Close To Your Love” by Latin DJ duo AtellaGali. I heard this song on Sirius XM’s Electronic station over the weekend and instantly loved it. AtellaGali is one of the first faith-based DJ/producer duos teams in the Electronic music world. This song instantly caught me and after digging into their story, I loved it even more. It’s got a great melody, high energy, great lyrics and enough BPMs to keep your heart rate up! Check it out on iTunes or Spotify!

That’s this week’s update. See you guys next week!

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