Testimonial – Grant – entry No. 3

Alright folks, here is it. My week 3 update!

For week 3 of my workouts with Byron, we did a lot of focusing on my core and stability, or lack thereof, rather. We continued to kick up the cardio warmups a bit, while spending most of the session time on a variety of mostly lower body stability exercises, which meant lots of varieties of lunges, kicks and isolated leg & core routines. I can’t even lie… it wasn’t pretty, but you have to start somewhere. It was humbling to learn just how much core strength I DON’T have, but by the end of the 3rd week, I was making notable progress in these areas.

I recently started a new job, and week 3 of my workouts coincided with my first week in the office. It’s a lot of new to adjust to, and I didn’t get in any extra workouts at the Y this week. Trying to adjust to the new routine and schedule has been challenging, particularly with my diet. So, my diet definitely wasn’t as great as it should have been or has been in weeks past, but I just tried to keep making good choices when ever I could. I am glad that I started this program before having this life change, because it has helped me to already be in a bit of a rhythm with my workouts. Byron has been great to be aware and sensitive to my limitations and new demands, while also consistently push me just beyond what I think my own limits are.

One of my go-to foods lately has been Oatmeal with figs, bananas & almonds. It’s a great healthy breakfast, snack, or post-workout meal. Make either steel cut or rolled oats with almond milk, top with chia seeds, sliced figs, bananas and almonds, and drizzle with agave. I get all the ingredients at Trader Joe’s, and it’s very quick, nutrient-rich and easy to make. Now if I can only think of how to turn this recipe into a cookie! Hmmm….

This week’s workout playlist jam is High Society by Australian pop singer-songwriter Betty Who. The song is really fun, singable, upbeat and for those of you who left your heart in the 80’s, it sounds like something that could have been plucked out from among all the big hits of that decade, even though it’s a brand new song. Gotta love a good old fashioned throw back! Definitely check it out and let me know what you think!

That’s all for this week! See you guys next week!

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