About Leann

Leann FrayLeann began her personal fitness career in the heyday of Nautilus, Jane Fonda, and leg warmers. She began teaching as an “assistant” aerobics instructor at the University of Tennessee’s student classes. A year later she earned her first Aerobics certification. Eventually Leann finished her degrees in Therapeutic Recreation and Special Education and left Knoxville. She’d always used weights to compliment her fitness program, and in 1991 became certified as a Personal Trainer.

After 2 years of training, Leann decided that she wanted to offer her clients more on their quest to better health. She decided that she wanted to look at the WHOLE picture, and help find a balance between physical health and inner well-being.

Since that realization, Leann’s client base has expanded significantly. Over the years, clients have ranged from doctors and lawyers to people with debilitating illnesses. Leann is now more fulfilled in her work whether she’s helping a client with functional activities, meeting with someone’s doctor to help them rehab an injury, or helping someone to lose weight through exercise, change eating habits, and live a healthier lifestyle.

Contact Leann:  615.300.1033 (cell)
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