Testimonial – Anthony Johnson

Check out this Ultimate Results testimonial from Anthony Johnson. Thank you Anthony!

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Testimonial – Grant – entry No. 5

Here’s my Results Fitness week 5 update!

After having survived the allergy week from down below last week, I was back and ready to get down to business. We spent most of this week’s sessions focusing on upper body for me. I tend to have much more strength in my legs than I do my upper body, so this was a good time of working that. Byron switched up several of the exercises so that my body wouldn’t get too used to what we had been doing.

Our secondary focus was more core, and I definitely made more strides in my core strength. I have to keep reminding myself that every time I show up to keep working at it is another victory. After our first workout of the week I was good and sore for a day or 2, but it’s the good kind of sore that lets you know you’re doing good work!  Our second workout was much more cardio, coupled with some upper body and light core exercises. I appreciate how Byron is able to adjust the workouts he has planned based on how my body is responding to what we did last.

This week’s healthy recipe is my new favorite way to eat hummus. First of all, I LOVE hummus! It’s a healthy, tasty and inexpensive snack and there are all kinds of varieties to try. As I shared before, I like to try to be creative with my food so eating healthy doesn’t seem boring. My new favorite way to eat hummus is to make a “pizza” out of it! First, spray some EVOO or coconut oil on the bottom of a whole wheat pita, and put in the broiler for a couple minutes. When it starts to get golden brown and a little crispy, flip it over, spray the other side (and sprinkle with some rosemary if you’re feeling fancy) and let is broil for a couple minutes, removing when it’s nice and crispy, golden brown but not burned. That is your thin pizza crust! Over the pita crust, spread hummus (Trader Joe’s regular original is my favorite), drizzle some EVOO, sprinkle with paprika and basil, some raw unsalted pine nuts, then feta and chopped tomato and cucumber. To finish it off, sprinkle with some fresh lemon juice. You can switch out the toppings if you have a preference for your hummus. Using a pita for your crust like this, you lose most of the fat, calories and carbs you would have in any regular pizza crust. Slice it like you would a pizza and dig it! It’s delicious, fun and healthy and is great as a snack or a meal.

The Workout Playlist Jam for this week is “Hideaway” by Canadian artist Keisza. I heard this song when it first came out about a year ago, then forgot about it until I saw a fan-made dance video of it a couple months ago. Since then I’ve had it on repeat. It’s a great upbeat house music throwback, with a fun melody and enough BPMs to keep your heart rate up long enough to warrant a spot on your workout playlist!  

That’s it for week 5. See you next week!

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Testimonial – Grant – entry No. 4

Here’s my week 4 Results Fitness update!

Week 4 of my training sessions arrived and so did the allergy fairy. The weather was beautiful, temps were rising, and I was miserable! My allergies were so bad that I was forced to reschedule one of my sessions. By the time I got to the middle of the week, I was better, but still not altogether well. Knowing this, Byron adjusted our workout to still push me, but understanding that my body was not at 100%.

We continued focusing on my core and stabilization this week, with a variety of balance-focused exercises that required me to use only one leg and find balance with the other. This included variations on steps ups, squats and cone hops. We also introduced  couple plank variations that really forced my core to work harder. The one I was most surprised that I was actually able to do was the medicine ball plank. Working out when you don’t feel great isn’t my favorite thing to do, but I’m glad I did. I continue to see increases in my strength as my workouts with Byron progress.

This week’s healthy meal has become one of my favorites to make. Wasabi Ginger Chicken & Quinoa, with asparagus and kale, topped with sesame seeds and sliced almonds. Makes your mouth water just reading it, right? Start by sautéing chopped chicken in coconut oil and basil, adding some ground ginger powder to taste (or fresh ginger if you prefer). When the chicken is close to done, add chopped asparagus and sauté until asparagus gets deeper green in color, but doesn’t over cook. Then add cooked quinoa and stir to mix well. To this, stir in some wasabi paste to your taste. I love wasabi, so I’ll use a little more, a couple more dashes of ginger power and some fresh squeeze lime. Just before you pull it off the heat, add in a handful of kale and stir well, but remove from heat quickly so the kale doesn’t wilt much. Serve with dash of sesame seeds and sliced almonds. So, so good!

This week’s workout playlist jam is “You Can’t Stop Me” by hip-hop artist Andy Mineo. This song explodes with crazy energy and passion, while the lyrics find Andy rapping about the internal struggle about being his own biggest opponent and worst enemy, and overcoming his excuses to persevere and succeed. Musically, lyrically and thematically, this is a great addition to your workout playlist!

That’s my week 4 update! See you next week!

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