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Josh RogersJosh Rogers
Josh Rogers is a cum laude graduate of Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science. He holds his personal training and group fitness certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Rogers is a fitness contributor to several local and national publications, and his talents have been showcased on MTV, CMT, and the Travel Channel. Josh is a regular fitness personality on Nashville’s NBC affiliate Channel 4’s “More at Midday,” and the ABC affiliate Channel 5’s “Talk of the Town.” He also released his self titled workout DVD, “No EXCUSES!!” in the fall of 2009. Josh has over twelve years experience in the health and fitness field.

Leann FrayLeann Fray

Leann began her personal fitness career in the heyday of Nautilus, Jane Fonda, and leg warmers. She began teaching as an “assistant” aerobics instructor at the University of Tennessee’s student classes. A year later she earned her first Aerobics certification. Eventually Leann finished her degrees in Therapeutic Recreation and Special Education and left Knoxville. She’d always used weights to compliment her fitness program, and in 1991 became certified as a Personal Trainer.

After 2 years of training, Leann decided that she wanted to offer her clients more on their quest to better health. She decided that she wanted to look at the WHOLE picture, and help find a balance between physical health and inner well-being.

Since that realization, Leann’s client base has expanded significantly. Over the years, clients have ranged from doctors and lawyers to people with debilitating illnesses. Leann is now more fulfilled in her work whether she’s helping a client with functional activities, meeting with someone’s doctor to help them rehab an injury, or helping someone to lose weight through exercise, change eating habits, and live a healthier lifestyle.


Lacy BauerLacy Bauer

Lacy is an ACE certified personal trainer. She has been a long distance runner her whole life and has run in both half and full marathons. Before earning her certification in fitness, Lacy spent five years in youth ministry. She is passionate about people, plain and simple. Her greatest desire is to help people grow, she encourages and challenges her clients to find their true strength and realize their full potential. Exercise should not be something to dread, so let Lacy walk beside you in your fitness journey and give you the tools and the motivation you need to achieve your fitness goals!


Erin BerryErin Berry

Erin is a certified group fitness instructor through the American Sport and Fitness Administration. Being passionate about health and fitness, Erin is always looking for new fun adventures in exercise. As a dancer of 15 years, her love for physical activity blossomed ever since she performed in her first recital. One of her biggest fitness accomplishments was completing the 2016 Nashville Full Marathon. Graduating from Belmont University with a Bachelors in Music, you know your work-out is going to have some good music! She has toured singing back-up vocals with A Thousand Horses, performed at Austin City Limits, and currently tours with The Downtown Band, an award winning, nationally recognized band.


Tabby BewleyTabby Bewley

I’m a teacher at heart and have been an educator for 30 years. However, health and fitness are my passion (especially group fitness). I taught Jazzercise “back in the day”. I know, I’m smiling too. I have a Doctorate degree in Physical Education from M.T.S.U and teach as a full time/tenured professor at Belmont University in the Sport Science Department. I have been with Belmont for the past 14 years and a part of the fitness industry for the past 30 years. I’m certified as a Personal Trainer as well as certified to teach Aerobics, Pilates, TRX, Spin and Schwinn Cycling.

I have been married to a wonderful man for the past 16 years and have 2 amazing stepdaughters. We are active and enjoy running and hiking together as a family. We love animals in our family which includes a dog, Annie and a cat, Sissy. Sissy was given to me by a student of mine at Murray State University. She is 15 years old. She is working a strong core. :)


Nathan BlankenshipNathan Blankenship

I have a 13 year background in public education as a Physical Education, Wellness, and Weight Class instructor. I am a former strength coach, baseball, football, and basketball coach. This has allowed me to easily transition into becoming a personal trainer and swim instructor full time. I have also taught swimming lessons to all ages for 23 years while coaching a swim team for the last 10 years. I am passionate about all aspects of physical fitness, nutrition and overall wellness.

I love helping others obtain their goals while implementing a functional fitness type program. This ranges from sport specific to basic movements needed to enhance everyday life. I do not believe in fad diets or exercise programs that may simply be popular for a brief period. Functional Fitness is a lifestyle choice and can be maintained by becoming quality habits. I never tell my clients they should go on a diet. This means that they will eventually come off of the diet. Again, Functional Fitness is a lifestyle choice and not something you do off and on. Moderation is key in sustaining healthy habits. One should never try to do extremes when it comes to nutrition or exercise.


Kristin CalpinoKristin Calpino

Like many people, I have struggled with my weight for nearly most my life. I had an active childhood, participating in sports and active recreation, but had an unhealthy relationship with food. In 1993, I relocated to Nashville. By this time I was at my highest weight of 235. Over the next three years I began to change my eating habits and exercise more until I eventually lost 80 pounds.

Through my experience I developed a desire to help others reach their weight, health and fitness goals. I became certified through ACSM and ACE as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Continuing education is a huge part of my life and I am always learning, evaluating and trying out the latest ideas and standard practices so that my clients get only the best from me.

I know what is like to:
• struggle with weight
• have an unhealthy relationship with food
• lack motivation.

But I also know what it is like to:
• eat healthy and feel the difference it makes
• exercise regularly and see the change in body composition
• seek motivation deep within yourself to finally make the changes that will affect your quality of life.

Over the years I have helped people:
• train for marathons and triathlons
• over come injuries such as frozen shoulder, tendinitis, bursitis, IT band issues, various knee and ankle issues, ruptured discs
• understand they can exercise even if their bodies are not perfect (drop foot syndrome, cancer, diabetes, paralysis, spine curvature, limb misalignment)
• reduce or eliminate the need for medication
• learn the proper way to eat so that the body is satisfied, fueled and energized


Rose CoppolaRose Coppola

Rose Coppola is a Commercial Voice Major at Belmont University. She has been teaching Spin classes for almost a year now. Her outgoing personality allows her to bring that motivational energy and power to class. With classes based on the beat of good music it’s hard not to have a good time. She combines 40 minutes of spin with 20 minutes core to create the perfect sweat.


Scott FrayScott Fray

I am certified through the American Sport and Fitness Association, and also have a B.A. degree from University of Mississippi. My style of training is a multi disciplined approach: I meet the client at their current fitness level and build a workout program based on their goals, needs and abilities. I also enjoy running, and have coached the Results Fitness Half Marathon Training group for the past 5 years. When not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife, 2 kids, and 2 dogs.


Adam GardnerAdam Gardner

Adam Gardner aka “AyDamn” originally from St. Louis, Missouri moved to Nashville 5 years ago to pursue his musical career. Winning The Best of category for Best DJ of Nashville in 2015 & 2016. Yoga found AyDamn after djing a yoga event. After a year of practicing, he fell in love with yoga and started training to become a yoga instructor. 300 hrs of certified training and 4 years later, Adam has a class that will keep you moving and grooving. You can expect a great playlist, as well as a fun flow for all yogis. Beginner, intermediate or progi. You will love AyDamns class :)


Tori GeorgeTori George

Tori George is an ACSM certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. She recently graduated with her Masters in Kinesiology and Health Promotion. Tori has been working in the fitness industry for the past 8 years and has experience teaching a variety of different classes such as Spinning, Bootcamp, TRX, and interval training. She loves working will all age groups and is committed to helping clients reach their goals whether it be improving energy levels, increasing strength, balance, or weight loss.


Byron GregoryByron Gregory

Byron Gregory is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, where he studied and received his degree in Exercise Science. He has always enjoyed playing sports and being active, even playing at the collegiate level. Athletics motivated Byron to pursue a career in the fitness arena. He enjoys learning and partaking in various realms of fitness, and helping others reach their fitness goals. He holds his personal training certification through the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM).


Anna Rose HeymanAnna Rose Heyman

Anna Rose Heyman is a NASM certified personal trainer and a decorated competitive athlete. Her passion for health and wellness started at a very young age, and as she has developed her own abilities she takes every opportunity to share that knowledge with others. For the last seven years, she has focused her energy on bringing the inner-athlete out of others. The foundation of Anna Rose’s training style is sustainability – she believes that anything we do to challenge or change our bodies in the present must make our bodies work better and feel better in the long run. In Anna Rose’s class you can expect good tunes and positive vibes.


Allison JonesAllison Jones

Allison is an ACSM Certified Personal trainer and is excited to be a part of the Results Family. Since the age of 14, fitness has been her passion and favorite hobby. She uses her athletic backgrounds in cheerleading and boxing, and knowledge gained from being part of the Nashville fitness scene to create a unique program for each client. Allison enjoys implementing balance, strength, and speed into her workouts for maximal results. Her goal is to help each client reach their goals and have fun while getting there!


Caryn KleinCaryn Klein

Caryn is AFFA certified in Personal Training and Group Fitness. She has been teaching group fitness for 17 years. Klein started her fitness career at the Jewish Community Center in Birmingham, Alabama as the aerobics coordinator. In 1997, she and her family relocated to Music City where Caryn took the position of aerobics coordinator for the Gordon Jewish Community Center, and then later was promoted to fitness director of the facility. Caryn is currently working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.


Isaac MergenIsaac Mergen

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most responsive to change.”

Change can be a daunting task, but in order to better oneself, it is necessary. Without change we cannot adapt and if we cannot adapt we cannot progress. If progression to the the next level is what you want, I am here to help. I have been in the fitness industry since 2008. I am a certified personal trainer through ISSA & NASM. I am also certified in performance nutrition through ISSA. I have a strong passion for helping others achieve their health and fitness goals, whatever they may be. I strive to create workouts that are fun, productive, and most importantly, specific to your goals.

So what are you waiting for? Make the change to build a better you!


Julie MillsJulie Mills

Julie was born to be a Fitness Professional! At 15, she gravitated to a bodybuilding gym and ended up learning from some of the best in the field. (This was before personal training was even a career!) Certified by the International Sports Sciences Association (C.F.T and Specialist in Performance Nutrition), Premier Training International, and Lower Body Solution, she has had the honor of training hundreds of folks, all with very different needs. From elite athletes (and their surgeons!) to people living with post-polio syndrome, Julie has extensive and diverse experience in addressing clients’ needs with the utmost of care and expertise.

Practicing, researching, and growing in the health and fitness field IS Julie’s passion, but she also says: ‘One thing I value so very much is what I learn every single day doing what I do. My clients thank me for what I teach them, but they have no idea how much they teach me! I cherish that knowledge!’

Dr. William Sterett, MD, (Complex Knee & Shoulder Surgeon and Head Team Physician~U.S. Olympic Women’s Alpine Ski Team) trained with Julie 5 days a week most weeks to stay in tip top shape for an active lifestyle and demanding career! He says, “Julie’s professionalism and dedication to her craft make her one of the best in the business. Plus, she’s tough… and awesome!!!

An avid snowboarder, wakeboarder, equestrian, mountain biker, whitewater kayaker and rafter, hiker, runner, rock climber, and all-around adrenaline junkie, Julie LOVES the outdoors!! And doing it all with the love of her life, Mike, whom she married last year, and her long time companion and doggie, Stanley (her son)!


Hannah MirandaHannah Miranda

I’m Hannah Grace Miranda. I recently graduated from Belmont University with a major in Exercise Science, a minor in Nutrition, and an ACSM Health and Fitness Specialist Certification.

My interest in personal training stemmed from a combination of being an athlete and a desire to help others. I was fortunate to be able to play volleyball from age 7 through college at the Division I level. Training was such an important factor to my success on the court, and I now overlay training to achieve a successful health in everyday life. One thing I discovered through volleyball is that everyone is motivated differently. My goal is to find what motivates you, and develop a workout program specifically to encourage you while reaching your health and fitness goals.

On top of my aspiration to help people reach their overall health goals, I have a deep desire to help women and children. I became aware of my aspiration to be a midwife when I was six years old when my older sister had her first baby at home. From then on, I have had a passion for midwifery, especially the impact it can leave on women and their families. I have big dreams for opening up a birth center where women can come and experience all aspects of care such as labor and delivery, prenatal medical exams and assessments, massage therapy, pre and post natal fitness classes, and family counseling.


Megan MullanMegan Mullan

Fitness has always been a huge part of my life! As a competitive athlete until college, I was always looking for something new to make me stronger and better as a swimmer and runner. After studying psychology in undergrad, I chose to study sport and performance psychology in grad school to better understand how we as athletes and exercersisers create goals and motivation to increase confidence and self efficacy. After moving to Nashville, I became certified in personal training in addition to my private sport psych practice. I love pushing people to become their best both mentally and physically. I focus on strength goals over anything else and always want my clients to feel at their best during our time together!


Logan SparkmanLogan Sparkman

Logan Sparkman graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science. She holds her personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Playing softball, hiking, swimming, and helping on the family farm started her interest in personal training, but she also has a desire to help others. She believes that exercising should not be something that you dread doing, so her goal is to find what motivates you, and develop a workout program specifically to encourage you while reaching your health and fitness goals.

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